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Pritzker announces reelection bid, focuses on COVID response

Monday, Jul 19, 2021

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Today, Governor JB Pritzker announced he and Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton will run for re-election to a second term in 2022, releasing a video that highlights the strength of the state’s response to the COVID pandemic and JB’s commitment to the people of Illinois.

“I can’t tell you what pride it gives me as Governor of the state to see the people of Illinois standing up for one another. We saw the fundamental goodness of the people of Illinois exists in Southern Illinois as it does in Central Illinois as it does in Northern Illinois,” Governor JB Pritzker says in the video. “Part of why I’m running for re-election is because I watched the heroes across our state step up and do the right thing. We had so much to accomplish and we were able to do that — together. I’m very proud of all of the people of the state of Illinois and we have so much more we can do together.”

“It has been my honor to work alongside Governor JB Pritzker these last few years to move Illinois in the right direction and lift up working families. From increasing the minimum wage, making historic investments in infrastructure and creating jobs, to expanding access to health care and bringing fiscal stability back to state government, we’ve made real progress for the people of Illinois,” said Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton. “I don’t think any of us could have predicted the challenges the last year brought for all of us, but through it all I’m proud of what a strong leader JB has been in these tough times, and I can’t wait to continue our partnership.”

The video features Illinoisans from across the state praising Governor JB Pritzker’s strong leadership in tough times:

“From the beginning Governor Pritzker was very present and transparent about his process and following facts and following science,” says Corey Brooks, a physician assistant and member of the National Guard from Belleville.

“I feel like the Governor was a partner with nurses and doctors and the whole medical community,” says Jenica Krushall, a registered nurse from Springfield.

“He’s compassionate, he really cares about Illinois, and he’s brave. He did a lot of things he probably didn’t need to do but he took care of us,” says Rose McNaughton from Staunton.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a big town or a small town, Governor Pritzker guided us with leadership that got us to this point,” says Mayor John Bearrows of Rochelle.

“JB totally understood the plight of small businesses,” says Emily Paul, small business owner in Staunton. “I really don’t think we would have made it without the support of the Governor, in fact I know we wouldn’t have.”

“He trusted the science. He did what was necessary to keep us safe,“ says Mayor Sheila Chalmers-Currin of Matteson.

“This was a time when we had to get it right, and Governor Pritzker did it for us,” says Polly Poskin of Springfield.

Governor JB Pritzker is announcing his re-election on the heels of a successful legislative session in which the Governor signed into law a balanced budget that made responsible investments in the future of Illinois. In the last month alone Illinois has received two credit upgrades, was ranked the top state for infrastructure and jumped 15 spots in America’s top states to do business. See more of Governor Pritzker’s leadership and accomplishments in his first term as Governor at

…Adding… Another campaign video featuring LG Stratton

…Adding… DGA…

Today, Democratic Gov. JB Pritzker announced his re-election campaign for governor of Illinois.

Democratic Governors Association Executive Director Noam Lee released the following statement:

“When COVID struck Illinois, Gov. Pritzker demonstrated national leadership, acting swiftly to protect the health of Illinoisans and standing up to the deadly lies of Donald Trump. As the state emerges from the pandemic, Gov. Pritzker is putting Illinois back on firm fiscal footing, leading to credit rating upgrades and an improving business environment.

“Gov. Pritzker has proven to be a strong and effective governor for the people of Illinois. Under his leadership, Illinois has increased the minimum wage, enshrined reproductive rights into law, made college more affordable, increased access to early childhood education, and legalized and decriminalized the use of cannabis. The Pritzker administration has restored funding for mental health and social services and expanded health care coverage to 129,000 more Illinoisans. And the governor has strong plans for the future of Illinois with his infrastructure plan to improve roads and bridges over the next six years while creating and supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs — the largest infrastructure program in state history.

“As governor, Gov. Pritzker has worked hard to put Illinois’ government back on the side of working families. Gov. Pritzker has delivered on his promises for the people of Illinois, and we look forward to helping re-elect him next year.”

…Adding… Possible GOP opponent…

…Adding… DPI…

The Democratic Party of Illinois today announced its support for Gov. Pritzker and Lt. Gov. Stratton for re-election in 2022. The following is a statement from Congresswoman Robin Kelly, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Illinois, supporting Gov. Pritzker’s re-election:

“Governor Pritzker has shown outstanding leadership during one of the most challenging times in our nation’s history and proven he is the right leader for the State of Illinois. It is because of Gov. Pritzker’s courage, compassion and guidance that we are emerging from a global pandemic safely and stronger than we were before it began. When others ignored science and condemned sound judgement, Gov. Pritzker forged ahead with the tough choices our families, workers and businesses needed. Gov. Pritzker made the hard decisions that put Illinois back on solid financial footing after years of dysfunction. Gov. Pritzker is the leader we need to continue making progress in Illinois, and Illinois Democrats are excited to re-elect him Governor of our great state.”


Governor JB Pritzker released a COVID-themed video today announcing his re-election campaign for a second term. Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy released the following statement in response:

“During a global pandemic that required steady leadership, Governor Pritzker failed our most vulnerable in their time of need. When our children missed an entire year of in-person education, Pritzker was silent while political teachers unions forced children to stay home even when the science and CDC said they should be back in school. When thousands of Illinoisans were laid off from work, they went weeks without help from Pritzker’s incompetent state unemployment agency. And when our nation’s elderly heroes needed protection from the virus in our state facilities, the tragic mistakes of the Pritzker administration led to the death of 36 veterans at Lasalle Veterans Home.

Governor Pritzker’s record on helping Illinois through the pandemic is a failure. I look forward to talking about that and his radical policy agenda out of step with Illinoisans in the upcoming election.”

* Schimpf…

Paul Schimpf, Republican candidate for Governor of Illinois, issued the following statement in response to Governor JB Pritzker’s re-election announcement:

“Governor Pritzker’s reelection announcement today means the voters of Illinois will face a stark choice about the future of our state in 2022. Under the Pritzker Leadership Deficit, he has failed to stand up to corruption, failed to protect our veterans and families, and failed to help overtaxed Illinoisans. In three years, JB Pritzker has demonstrated he has neither the vision nor the leadership skills to unite our state. Simply put, Illinoisans deserve better–they deserve a leader with commonsense who will renew our state.”

…Adding… Bailey…

…Adding… Rabine…

Gary Rabine, a candidate for Governor, is issuing the following statement on JB Pritzker’s announcement that he is running for re-election.

“The last two and a half years have been a disaster for Illinois on JB Pritzker’s watch. Governor Pritzker has raised taxes, increased spending, and signed into law some of the most radical, far-left legislation in the nation. When Pritzker didn’t get his income tax increase, he raised taxes and regulations at a record pace to dominate the highest taxed citizens in America. All this isn’t enough as Pritzker threatens to pursue higher income tax again if elected to a second term.

JB Pritzker doesn’t mention in his announcement his leadership in outmigration or that Illinois has the worst credit rating of all 50 states, even with the billions in federal bailouts.

Under Pritzker, our state has become one of the most violent in America with 385 homicides and 1,897 shootings midway through 2021. A great leader would not sleep until this tragic environment was changed.

The people of Illinois cannot afford four more years of JB Pritzker. I am confident, that in 2022, we will reject him and his radical agenda that is driving our state into unacceptable insolvency and violence.”

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - walker - Tuesday, Jul 20, 21 @ 8:41 am:

    Rich: You got Davis as a Dem in your Subscribers’ piece.

  2. - Cheryl44 - Tuesday, Jul 20, 21 @ 9:08 am:

    Failed? How so,Rodney?

  3. - Levois J - Tuesday, Jul 20, 21 @ 9:17 am:

    Yeah I’m going to have to agree how did the Governor fail? Bailey has the next year to make that case at least.

  4. - Steve Rogers - Tuesday, Jul 20, 21 @ 9:38 am:

    “announced he’s going to attempt to buy another election. Billionaires like Pritzker cannot relate to the struggles of working Illinoisans and families.”

    So, I’m guessing that Bailey didn’t support Bruce Rauner or Donald Trump? /s

  5. - leonard - Tuesday, Jul 20, 21 @ 10:03 am:

    Darren needs to realize that J.B. is not Cynthia Givens the only opponent he has ever had

  6. - Dotnonymous - Tuesday, Jul 20, 21 @ 11:52 am:

    Oh…the poor abandoned Police.

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