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Campaign notebook

Wednesday, Sep 7, 2022 - Posted by Rich Miller

* Sen. Darren Bailey on Facebook yesterday

And then finally as your children are off to school again today in public schools all across Illinois, unfortunately, they’re being taught woke ideology. They’re being taught CRT, they’re being taught sex education, and these curriculums have been elevated. That’s all that’s been talked about over the last couple of years instead of the math, the science, the reading, all of the history. History. We have got to start teaching our children how to live, how to work, how to thrive. History is very important, the real history because history repeats itself. History is repeating itself right now. History will repeat itself in a dangerous way if we allow it, but we can stop this.

* Vanity Fair interviewed Gov. Pritzker early last month, when people were talking about runs for president and stuff like this

“I think it is disgusting,” outgoing Illinois congressman Adam Kinzinger, one of two Republicans on the January 6 committee, told CNN in late July of the strategy [by Democrats to help nominate far-right Republicans in primaries].

Pritzker brushed off the criticism.

An overwhelming majority of voters in the Illinois Republican primary selected Bailey of their own volition, and it’s insulting to their intelligence to suggest they were tricked into it, he told me. What’s more, “the ads that were run in the primaries were all ads that I could run today in the general election,” he said.

The GOP was fighting to “transform the state of Illinois into what Donald Trump wants the country to be transformed into.” What was he supposed to do?

“I was being attacked,” he said. “Don’t tell me I’m not allowed to attack back.”

* Kelly Bauer and Colin Boyle at Block Club Chicago report that US Rep. Chuy Garcia will soon announce a decision about a mayoral bid

Rep. Jesús “Chuy” García is considering a run for mayor, he said Wednesday.

García — a longtime local politician and community organizer — would be entering an already crowded field, but he could pose a significant challenge to Mayor Lori Lightfoot. In the 2015 elections, when he last ran for mayor, he forced then-Mayor Rahm Emanuel into a runoff. […]

“I don’t want to pressure myself,” García said at a news conference where he and other leaders announced who they’re endorsing in various races. “I want to be as deliberate and as understanding of all of the issues that are facing the city of Chicago. The public safety challenges, the promise of new endeavors, and the area of public safety … .” […]

“In all seriousness, I am conflicted because of the responsibility that I have to help save and protect our democracy and our republic,” García said. “The threat against our democracy remains so violent. We’ve been hanging by a thread for the past year now or so. So I’m conflicted.”

* Speaking of which, here’s Mary Ann Ahern

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is already facing a large field of challengers in the upcoming mayoral election, but a familiar face may join that crowd as former Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn says he is mulling a run.

Quinn, who served as governor after the impeachment of Rod Blagojevich and who was defeated by Republican Bruce Rauner in 2014, says that he will make his final decision within a matter of weeks as petitions begin to circulate for candidates.

“I think Chicago needs someone who can step in and rescue our city,” he said.

Quinn says that polling data shows a strong performance if he were to jump into the race.

“I did a poll earlier, just recently, and I had 42% and I think the incumbent mayor had 31%,” he said.

* Yesterday…

Today, the Illinois AFL-CIO criticized Regan Deering, Republican candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 13th Congressional District, for her tone-deaf and anti-worker comments in her interview with WCIA’s Cole Henke on Labor Day.

Deering said that she “doesn’t believe we need to enshrine union power” when asked if she supports the Workers’ Rights Amendment on the ballot in Illinois this year. Deering, who is worth up to over $142 million was asked if she supports a minimum wage – after previously complaining about having to pay workers $10 per hour – said that she would look at the “$10 to $13” – which would be a decrease from Illinois’ $15 dollar minimum wage that fully goes into effect in less than three years.

“When you’re worth up to $142 million, you probably don’t need to worry about enshrining the right to bargain collectively and fight for fair wages and safe working conditions,” said Illinois AFL-CIO President Tim Drea. “For the rest of us, we do. That’s why organized labor exists – to stand up for the worker against people like Regan that would exploit them.

“Regan left no room for doubt – she is anti-labor and anti-worker. She is advocating to pay workers less than the Illinois minimum wage.”

* Today…

Candidate for the 13th Congressional District in Illinois Nikki Budzinski has spent her career championing policies that cause tax increases, higher gas prices, and inflation, all of which are the triple threat faced by working families today all across Illinois. Now, Budzinski wants to take her attack on middle-class families a step further, and repeal the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

According to Budzinski’s policy agenda, her top economic priority is repealing the 2017 tax cuts legislation that save Illinois families over $1,000 a year.

“This is the absolute worst time to raise taxes on Illinois families,” said Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy. “As families across our state grapple with Gov. JB Pritzker’s high taxes and President Joe Biden’s inflation, the last thing we need in Congress is another tax-and-spend-happy politician. Whether working for Pritzker or Biden, one thing is consistent about Nikki Budzinski - she’s made a career out of championing policies that have caused pain at the pump, higher taxes, and the generationally high inflation that we’re facing today. She will do even more damage if elected to Congress.”

In 2019, while Nikki Budzinski was serving as a Senior Advisor in the Office of the Governor, JB Pritzker signed a $45 million package of bills that doubled the gas tax, while indexing annual gas tax increases to inflation. She was also in a senior role in advocating for Pritzker’s failed tax referendum that would have changed the Illinois Constitution to give politicians more opportunities to raise income taxes.

In 2021, Budzinski joined the Biden Administration as Chief of Staff to the Office of Management and Budget to - you guessed it - advance higher taxes and higher inflation while turning a blind eye to skyrocketing energy costs. Budzinski led the office that was in charge of implementing Biden’s vision for America that included canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline, which eliminated more than 1,000 great jobs and cut Americans off from much-needed additional energy resources. Budzinski continues to champion the American Rescue Plan, despite dire warnings from respected Democrat economists that it would cause the severe inflation that we are now seeing.

“Nikki Budzinski’s solution to solving the inflation problem she helped create is implementing higher taxes on working families. Central Illinois families cannot afford Nikki Budzinski,” said Chairman Tracy.

* 3rd Supreme Court District…

Justice Mary Kay O’Brien, candidate for Illinois Supreme Court, 3rd District receives the strong backing of the Coalition of Frontline Police Officers. The coalition comprises Illinois Police Benevolent & Protective Association (“PBPA”), Metropolitan Alliance of Police (“MAP”), Illinois Council of Police and Sheriffs (“ICOPS”), and Association of Professional Police Officers (“APPO”), representing over 20,000 active and retired law enforcement officers across Illinois.

“Judge Mary Kay O’Brien earned our support because she has made the safety and advocacy of law enforcement officers in the line of duty a priority,” said Sean M. Smoot, Chairman of the Coalition and the Director and Chief Counsel of PBPA. “Judge O’Brien’s extensive career serving Illinoisians over the last 25 years as a State Representative and Appellate Court Justice is the experience we need on the highest court in Illinois.”

“I am honored to have the support of the Police Benevolent and Protective Association of Illinois,” said Justice Mary Kay O’Brien. “As an association who protects the rights of our working men and women in law enforcement, I am proud to have the support of law enforcement across the Third District.”

“Accordingly, the Coalition strongly endorses Justice Mary Kay O’Brien to the Supreme Court of Illinois.”

The Coalition of Frontline Police Officers was established in 2022 to provide a voice for frontline officers who serve and protect our communities across Illinois.

* Equality Illinois…

In an unprecedented move, Equality Illinois, the state’s LGBTQ+ civil rights organization, endorsed Judge Elizabeth Rochford and Judge Mary Kay O’Brien for election to the Illinois Supreme Court in the 2022 General Election.

“Equality Illinois has not traditionally engaged in judicial races but the alarm bells are ringing loudly for our democracy and our rights. That’s why we today are proud to endorse Judge Elizabeth Rochford and Judge Mary Kay O’Brien for Justices on the Illinois Supreme Court,” said Justin DeJong, Chair of the Equality Illinois Board of Directors. “We are confident Judge Rochford and Judge O’Brien will ensure every person receives equal protection and due process under the law and that they will also protect the tenets of democracy.”

This fall, two newly-redistricted seats on the Illinois Supreme Court are up for election: the 2nd Judicial District (DeKalb, Lake, Kane, Kendall and McHenry Counties) and the 3rd Judicial District (Bureau, DuPage, Grundy, Kankakee, LaSalle and Will Counties). Rochford is in the 2nd Judicial District and O’Brien is in the 3rd Judicial District.

With the United States Supreme Court controlled by justices opposed to the foundational rights underpinning reproductive freedoms and marriage equality, the Illinois Supreme Court is the last line of defense to protect the rights grounded in Illinois law. If anti-equality and anti-family forces take over the Illinois Supreme Court, many hard-won freedoms will be in jeopardy. In Illinois, the non-discrimination protections in the Illinois Human Rights Act, the marriage equality law, the conversion therapy ban, and the requirement to teach LGBTQ+ contributions in public schools are examples of laws that could be annihilated. We are also gravely concerned about judicial attacks on free and fair elections, access to justice, voting rights, reproductive rights, workers rights, and criminal justice reforms.

“For voters in the 2nd and 3rd Judicial Districts, we urge all who care about LGBTQ+ equality and justice to vote for Rochford and O’Brien,” said Brian C. Johnson, CEO of Equality Illinois. “Vote like your rights depend on this election. Because they do.”


Today, the Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois (AFFI) announced its endorsement of Judge Elizabeth Rochford in her campaign for Illinois Supreme Court in the Second District. The Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois is the state’s foremost authority on, and advocate for, issues related to professional union firefighters and EMS providers. The AFFI does not base its political endorsements on party affiliation, but on support of issues important to firefighters in general and to their members in particular.

“The Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois recently met to consider the candidates in this race, and it was clear that Judge Elizabeth Rochford is the most qualified to serve on the Illinois Supreme Court in the Second District,” said AFFI President Chuck Sullivan. “Judge Rochford’s extensive experience and qualifications in and around the court system has positioned her to be an excellent Justice, and we are proud to support her campaign.”

This endorsement builds on Judge Rochford’s strong support in both the primary and general elections, including the Illinois State AFL-CIO, Illinois Federation of Teachers, Personal PAC, Secretary of State Jesse White, Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court Iris Martinez, and multiple pro-choice legislative leaders.

“Our firefighters are an incredibly important part of the fabric of our communities, risking their lives everyday to keep us safe,” said Judge Elizabeth Rochford. “I’m honored to receive the endorsement of the Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois in my campaign, and am committed to bringing equity and justice to the Illinois Supreme Court.”

* DuPage County…

Dear Honorable Deb Conroy:

The International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 150 is a proud labor union with a long history of representing the interests of working men and women on the job, at the bargaining table, and in the halls of government. In addition to workers’ rights, we value commitment to a strong and reliable infrastructure that supports Illinois’ economy and creates job opportunities in every industry.

I am proud to inform you that IUOE Local 150 has endorsed your candidacy for DuPage County Chair in the General Election, and this endorsement will be communicated to our membership.

Hardworking Illinoisans are counting on determined leaders to stand up for their rights and ensure that we have a safe infrastructure that is a strength rather than a weakness when it comes to economic activity and job creation.
Good luck in the upcoming election.

In Solidarity,

James M. Sweeney
President-Business Manager

…Adding… Press release…

Today, three Mayors- Inverness Mayor Jack Tatooles, Gilberts Village President Guy Zambetti, and Rolling Meadows Mayor Joe Gallo- announced their decision to join the “Mayors for Raja” coalition, endorsing Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi’s re-election campaign to continue to represent Illinois’ 8th Congressional District in the U.S. Congress.

“I have been in contact with the Congressman on a regular basis to discuss and address our local issues and needs,” said Inverness Mayor Jack Tatooles. “I am confident our community will be well served by Raj.”

“Congressman Raja reached out to me when I was sworn in as Village President and maintained communication since,” said Gilberts Village President Guy Zambetti. “Being able to pick up the phone when I have questions or concerns means a lot to me.”

“Congressman Krishnamoorthi and his office have been instrumental assisting residents of Rolling Meadows through the immigration process and a path towards citizenship,” said Rolling Meadows Mayor Joe Gallo.

“I humbly accept these endorsements,” said Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi. “The new Illinois 8th Congressional District spans across the West and Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, from the 41st Ward in the City of Chicago to St. Charles, Illinois. Having the support of the many bipartisan local leaders who represent these communities is absolutely instrumental, and it speaks to my track record of working collaboratively and in a bipartisan fashion on the pressing economic and social issues impacting working families in Illinois.”

The growing list of 14 Mayors now includes:

• Addison Mayor Richard Veenstra
• Carol Stream Village Mayor Frank Saverino
• Elgin Mayor Dave Kaptain
• Elk Grove Village Mayor Craig Johnson
• Gilberts Village President Guy Zambetti
• Hanover Park Village President Rod Craig
• Hoffman Estates Mayor Bill McLeod
• Inverness Mayor Jack Tatooles
• Itsasca Village President Jeff Pruyn
• Oak Brook Village President Gopal Lalmalani
• Schaumburg Village President Tom Dailly
• Rolling Meadows Mayor Joe Gallo
• Roselle Mayor David Pileski
• Villa Park President Nick Cuzzone


  1. - Roadrager - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 1:06 pm:

    ==History is very important, the real history because history repeats itself. History is repeating itself right now. History will repeat itself in a dangerous way if we allow it, but we can stop this.==

    Says the man operating a private school which teaches the Earth is 7,000 years old, and the three Rs are shootin’, shootin’, and prayin’.

    ==Quinn says that polling data shows a strong performance if he were to jump into the race.

    “I did a poll earlier, just recently, and I had 42% and I think the incumbent mayor had 31%,” he said.==

    Which family gathering was this at, Patrick?

  2. - New Day - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 1:07 pm:

    “And then finally as your children are off to school again today in public schools all across Illinois, unfortunately, they’re being taught woke ideology. They’re being taught CRT…”

    No, they’re not. But thanks Farmer Bailey. And history? You clearly know nothing about history so I doubt you ever took a meaningful class on history…ever.

  3. - Hamlet on the Potomac - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 1:08 pm:

    I love Pat Quinn

  4. - Jibba - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 1:13 pm:

    ===History is repeating itself right now. History will repeat itself in a dangerous way if we allow it, but we can stop this.===

    Very true, but I don’t think he is talking about the pre-war 1930s history that I am worried about repeating.

  5. - vern - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 1:16 pm:

    ===History is very important, the real history because history repeats itself. History is repeating itself right now.===

    Bailey could really draw attention to this by taking an AP US History exam and making the results public. Let’s see that history knowledge at work.

  6. - Rudy’s teeth - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 1:18 pm:

    Oh, Ms. Deering…
    What a crass statement regarding Workers’ Rights Amendment. Deering objects to paying workers $10 per hour.

    Is there not enough money in her budget to purchase a weekly supply of Brie?

  7. - blupage - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 1:19 pm:

    Looks Like DuPage is going to get its first Woman Chair and the first Democrat in a century!

  8. - ArchPundit - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 1:20 pm:

    ===History is very important, the real history because history repeats itself. History is repeating itself right now. History will repeat itself in a dangerous way if we allow it, but we can stop this.

    This reads like a middle school essay.

    A guy who thinks the Bible is literal and trumps all other sources is not who I want deciding what real history is.

  9. - Stalling - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 1:23 pm:

    Will DuPage get its first Democratic Chair in a century and the first Woman in history this November?

  10. - Ron Burgundy - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 1:25 pm:

    -“I think Chicago needs someone who can step in and rescue our city,” he said.-

    Pat Quinn disqualifies himself from Mayor’s race.

  11. - NIU Grad - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 1:28 pm:

    I just need Mayor of Chicago and State Comptroller on my “Pat Quinn Election Bingo Card”, so Run, Pat, Run!

  12. - Suburban Operative - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 1:34 pm:

    I personally think Greg Hart pulls it off to beat Conroy in November.

  13. - Friendly Bob Adams - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 1:37 pm:

    I’ve had Deb Conroy as my state rep for a while now and I am pleased to announce my endorsement of her candidacy for County Board Chair.

  14. - MisterJayEm - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 1:37 pm:

    History is very important, the real history because history repeats itself. History is repeating itself right now. History will repeat itself in a dangerous way if we allow it, but we can stop this.

    Pritzker’s team couldn’t craft a pithier argument against Bailey’s candidacy.

    – MrJM

  15. - TheInvisibleMan - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 1:41 pm:

    –they’re being taught sex education–

    Isn’t there usually supposed to be an additional grievance to this? Doesn’t this usually have a bunch of other qualifiers about the types of things being taught?

    Otherwise, this just sounds like Bailey being upset about educating children.

    This really raises a lot of red flags for me, for hopefully unrelated reasons. It’s too close to “If we teach this to kids, the kids will know we have been doing something inappropriate to them for all these years.”

  16. - Anonymous - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 1:43 pm:

    =That’s all that’s been talked about over the last couple of years instead of the math, the science, the reading, all of the history.=

    My kids just graduated high school. They each had 4 years of math, 4 years of literature, 4 years of science, 4 years of social studies (including world history and US history). I don’t recall a CRT class (because it doesn’t exist).

  17. - Roadrager - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 1:48 pm:

    Relevant to the campaign at hand, he won’t, but Bailey should be keeping his lips zipped on education. We’re not even into oppo season on TV yet, and if you pair today’s abortion issue ad with a 30-second look at the Bob Jones University curriculum they’re teaching at Full Armor… forget about Chicago secession, I don’t know if Darren could win an Illinois that just consisted of everything south of I-72.

  18. - Amalia - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 2:03 pm:

    “…they’re being taught sex education,…” and this is a problem because? giving kids facts instead of puritanical or lurid stories where they learn details about sex makes them stronger in making their life decisions.

  19. - Streator Curmudgeon - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 2:23 pm:

    Apparently Darren Bailey was not sufficiently educated about the Holocaust when he was in school.

    When I went to school in the 1960s, we were taught NOTHING about Black history or racism. What is being taught today is valuable, but it is NOT Critical Race Theory. CRT is a myth.

    Bailey really should expand his education beyond FOX News.

  20. - Moira - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 2:32 pm:

    ==giving kids facts instead of puritanical or lurid stories where they learn details about sex makes them stronger in making their life decisions.==

    To TheInvisibleMan’s point, it also makes them less vulnerable to abuse and more able to recognize/name it if it does occur.

    If you look into stories of abuse in insular/conservative religious communities even a little you will almost always find victims who knew next to nothing about sex and sometimes even anatomy and therefore struggled to understand what was happening to them.

  21. - Pundent - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 3:12 pm:

    =They’re being taught CRT, they’re being taught sex education, and these curriculums have been elevated.=

    My kid has been back about a month now. None of this has been taught so far. So exactly where is this happening?

    I understand that Bailey’s playbook is pretty much cast in stone but the party is not helpless here in calling out this nonsense. The ILGOP needs to contain the damage.

  22. - Lynn S. - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 3:53 pm:

    Regan Deering is pretty young. How in bloody heck is she worth $142 million dollars?

  23. - Annonin' - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 4:02 pm:

    Why does timely to delve into ChairmanDonny’s OR background? Could be fun.
    And as we near NFL Week 1 what is the over under on how long til Bailey endorse RJ Daley “shoot to kill” police plan? We’ll take before 10-1.

  24. - MoralMinority - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 4:07 pm:

    If Bailey gets elected look for the soda vending machines to come back into Illinois schools. Darren understands that Mountain Dew and schoolin’ just go together.

  25. - Rudy’s teeth - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 4:48 pm:

    Candidate Bailey should tune in on September 18 at 7 pm to WTTW. Steven Spielberg and Ken Burns present a conversation about the US and the Holocaust.

    “The denial of a simple thing called the truth is something that is shocking.” Steven Spielberg

  26. - Bad Goya Vitch - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 4:49 pm:

    “Deering, who is worth up to over $142 million…”

    Is it “up to” or is it “over”? With such failures in logic, forgive me if I doubt the AFL-CIO’s figure here. After all, Deering raised less than one fifth what Budzinski raised for a more competitive primary.

  27. - Shytown - Wednesday, Sep 7, 22 @ 5:34 pm:

    Chuy for Mayor - not a chance. Let’s see what he tries to bargain for by not running for Mayor.

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