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*** UPDATED x1 *** Campaign notebook

Wednesday, Oct 19, 2022 - Posted by Rich Miller

*** UPDATE *** Wondering when we would see something like this…

…Adding… State Senator…

* Press release…

If the Illinois Primary election was any indication, voters are going to get pummeled with political robocalls and robotexts between now and Election Day next month.

This was true in 2020 when Americans received approximately 8.25 million robocalls on Election Day, and over the past two months Illinois ranks 24th in robocalls on a per capita basis.

Political robocalls, according to this source…

For the month of August, Illinois received around 123,406 robocalls.
For the month of September, Illinois received around 311,919 robocalls.
For the first two weeks of October, Illinois received around 281,917 robocalls.

From 8/1 to 10/16, Illinois received 717,242 robocalls.

* State early vote totals…

* Chicago early vote totals…

the most up-to-date Early Vote and Vote By Mail totals in Chicago, night of Tuesday, October 18, 2022.

The Early Vote total stands at 2,694 ballots cast.

Additionally, 17,866 Vote By Mail ballots have been returned to the Board – total VBM applications stands at 185,745.

The grand total is 20,560 ballots cast so far in Chicago for the November 8th General Election.


“Pritzker’s policies have turned Chicago into a dystopian version - Pritzkerville - which may soon spread into the suburbs and downstate. Only by electing a new Governor can we begin to rebuild from the damage he caused and once again make our communities safe for residents and businesses. That is the message that Darren Bailey delivered last night,” said Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy.

* Press release…

After begging for Donald Trump’s prized endorsement for months, GOP gubernatorial nominee Darren Bailey tried to buck Trump’s support at last night’s debate — but voters know the truth.

Bailey scored Trump’s “complete and total endorsement” at a rally in June, where Bailey said unequivocally: “I’ve made a promise to President Trump that in 2024, Illinois will roll the red carpet out for him because Illinois will be ready for President Trump.”

At yesterday’s debate, he tried desperately to rewrite history, saying: “Nobody’s announced their run for president.”

But voters won’t forget the truth: after soliciting Trump’s endorsement for months, Bailey threw his full, unconditional support behind the former president because he knew it was key to winning the GOP nomination — and he did that all while campaigning with January 6th insurrectionists and spreading the same lies that sparked the violent attack.

Voters will remember where Darren Bailey’s true allegiance lies — and that he himself said: there is “no” daylight between him and Trump.

* Pritzker in the spin room

* From the Tribune’s debate coverage

“Gov. Pritzker tries to inject his radical gender ideology into our classrooms,” Bailey said.

But Pritzker pointed to the Full Armor Christian Academy school Bailey founded that uses curriculum connected to conservative South Carolina’s Bob Jones University. The university’s press has offered history books that taught that not all slaves were mistreated, that the women’s movement in society carried societal costs and that when the Bible and science are in conflict, the Bible is correct.

From the debate

Q: Let’s talk about reproductive rights, gentlemen, shall we? Senator Bailey, just tonight you said nothing is going to change about Illinois abortion laws if you’re elected. But last week, the Executive Director of Illinois Right to Life promised you will work to undo extremism. If elected, would you pursue pro life policies through executive orders? You’ve got 60 seconds.

Bailey: Well, let’s talk about extremism. Governor Pritzker is perfectly fine with our children needing abortions without their parents knowing anything about it. I think that’s extreme. Governor Pritzker is perfectly fine injecting his gender curriculum, the first of its kind in the nation into our schools, woke ideology. I think that’s extreme. Governor Pritzker, his family foundation is the primary sponsor for experimental gender surgeries (Pritzker: That’s not true) in childrens’ hospitals (Pritzker: That’s not true) all across this nation right here in Chicago. (Pritzker: False.) I think that’s extreme. Governor Pritzker tries to inject his radical gender ideology into our classrooms, and most school districts have rejected that.

That accusation is based on a conspiracy theory about how the governor is supposedly in cahoots with his trans cousin Jennifer, who contributed to Bruce Rauner, Richard Irvin’s 2022 campaign and against the governor’s graduated income tax. The conspiracy theory was pushed by Dan Proft’s papers.

* Press release…

Chairman Scott Gryder released his new ad “Leader” which highlights his priorities in Congress, and his commitment to people, not politics:

“During her tenure as our representative, Lauren Underwood has put big government special interests and her own agenda first – at the expense of every individual in this district. She has made our lives more expensive and less safe. We deserve better.

That’s why I’m running for Congress.

I’ll go to Washington to end reckless spending and lower taxes, giving us back our financial freedom. I’ll also restore safety to our neighborhoods by standing with law enforcement and ensuring that they receive the funding and resources they need to effectively do their job.”

Watch the ad with link:

“Scott Gryder is a leader, not a D.C. politician.

Gryder will stand with law enforcement and fight crime.

And Gryder will stop inflation and cut your taxes.

Scott Gryder for Congress.

I’m Scott Gryder, and I approved this message.”

* Anti-abortion groups are upset with DuPage County Board member Greg Hart as he runs for county chair, but their protest of his recent fundraiser was sparsely attended, to say the least

We’re protesting DuPage County Chairman candidate Greg Hart who has done a 180 degree turn on his pro-life stance and now says he’ll never stand in the way of a woman’s “right to choose” with the help and funding of the illinois GOP. Eric Scheidler, our executive director, has some thoughts:

Posted by Pro-Life Action League on Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Still, if this contest is close and staunch pro-lifers skip over that race…

* Cable TV ad for Scott Britton for Cook County Commissioner

* Isabel’s roundup…

    * Cook County Voters to Weigh Forest Preserves Tax Increase in Upcoming Election: It’s rare when newspaper editorial boards and fiscal watchdog groups recommend that residents vote to increase their property taxes. But that’s exactly the case as Cook County voters face a binding question on their election ballot: Do you want to pay a little more to help fund the Cook County Forest Preserves? Outside groups have waged a public campaign to convince voters to say yes, because they believe the investment will pay growing dividends.

    * Six takeaways from the second Illinois gubernatorial debate: Bailey had a message. He undercut that message by repeatedly refusing to get specific, but even a casual viewer would get the gist: At a time when the economy is bumpy, taxes are high and the streets of Chicago and other cities are dangerous, Illinois needs a change. Good and simple. Pritzker’s message was that things have improved on his watch, particularly with state finances, and that voters ought to stick with him. But “stick with me” is not much of a second-term agenda. In the closing weeks of the campaign, the governor might do well to spell out what a vote for him means, other than not electing Bailey.

    * Illinois’ 6th Congressional District candidates offer stance on education: Pekau said Democrats are pushing their views in Illinois classrooms throughout the state. “We need to stop the agenda they are trying to push, it is unacceptable,” Pekau said. “We need to teach the skills that need to be [taught]. If you want to talk U.S. History, you talk about the good and the bad. We don’t do it through a racial based lens, we do it through an American lens.” […] Casten suggests “providing universal early childhood education” and to “ensure that all students have access to a top-quality elementary, high school, and trade school or higher education.”

    * Opinion: In public education debate, don’t overlook community colleges: The ongoing gubernatorial campaign got a mild injection of interest earlier this month when one candidate said it might be time to reduce state spending on K-12 public education. The other countered by pledging further investment and making sure private schools aren’t enriched at taxpayer expense. You know which is which, but the point here isn’t settling the debate between two candidates, but discussing the larger issue of postsecondary education and workforce development.

    * Latest fundraising has Vallas eager for campaign fight: A $500,000 donation from prominent GOP donor and golf course magnate Michael Keiser has left an opening for some opponents, including the Chicago Teachers Union, to attack Vallas, a former CPS CEO, as a closet Republican

    * Biz community opens wallets for Vallas mayoral bid: With help from execs at Madison Dearborn, Citadel and other firms, Vallas pulls closer to Lightfoot and Wilson in the mayoral race for cash: Other candidates running are way back in the dash for cash. State Rep. Kam Bucker, D-Chicago, pulled in nearly $100,000 in cash and donated services for his mayoral campaign committee during the third quarter, but half of that was a transfer of funds form his state rep account.

    * Daily Herald Endorsement: Moylan for state representative in 55th District

    * Daily Herald Endorsement: Pettorini for House Dist. 61


  1. - Larry Bowa Jr. - Wednesday, Oct 19, 22 @ 2:21 pm:

    “Bailey had a message. He undercut that message by repeatedly refusing to get specific”

    LOL that people pay actual money for this kind of “political analysis.” Completely worthless and uninformative in the most charitable reading. But it does serve the function of normalizing a republican candidate who has zero business even thinking about holding a statewide executive position. Darren Bailey doesn’t need to have any specifics, the Greg Hinzes of the world will simply assume they exist, because he’s a republican and republicans are our Business Daddies Who Get Things Done and Don’t Waste Our Money.

  2. - Louis G Atsaves - Wednesday, Oct 19, 22 @ 2:49 pm:

    Some questions asked of candidates at these types of forums ask for specifics but the time limitations prevent such answers. These are forums, not debates. Bailey would not have been given ample time to get specific in his answers. Pritzker would not have been given ample time to get specific in his answers. Why is everyone still calling these debates? They are forums for short answers loaded with insults and zingers. And that is what we are getting.

  3. - The Velvet Frog - Wednesday, Oct 19, 22 @ 3:08 pm:

    While I agree that the time for answers is far too short, JB did manage to get in a lot more specifics. Time is just an excuse, Bailey doesn’t have any specifics to give.

  4. - very old soil - Wednesday, Oct 19, 22 @ 3:21 pm:

    Did anyone else see the Eric Sawell abortion ad? I thought it was pretty powerful, but I am not very politically astute.

  5. - Hot Taeks - Wednesday, Oct 19, 22 @ 3:33 pm:

    I still haven’t gotten my mail-in ballot from Chicago. They need to step it up ha.

  6. - Rich Miller - Wednesday, Oct 19, 22 @ 3:34 pm:

    ===They need to step it up===

    I would almost consider breaking my “no cable TV” rule and go on Fox News to whack them.

  7. - Oswego Willy - Wednesday, Oct 19, 22 @ 4:39 pm:

    To the update,

    That letter is a needed pushback, but will that pushback be found at the ballot box?

    That goes for every group Bailey has gone out of his way to… whatever term you’d choose, I suppose.

    Make pushback count.

  8. - Chito - Wednesday, Oct 19, 22 @ 4:56 pm:

    Hot Taeks, I asked for and received my chicago ballot fairly quickly. They communicated via email the entire way, from the moment they received my request to the point when it was received back by them.

  9. - Concerned Observer - Wednesday, Oct 19, 22 @ 5:06 pm:

    Got my first Proft Paper today. Will County.

    Actually, it was addressed to my wife. Who already voted. Straight blue. So. Good targeting there.

    (It was the special Gender in the Classroom edition. Can’t wait to start the fireplace with it.)

  10. - DuPage Moderate - Wednesday, Oct 19, 22 @ 8:52 pm:

    Republicans eating their own in DuPage…it’s al sit as if they’re trying to lose elections. Bet Pete DiCianni is behind it - he’s that dumb.

  11. - ArchPundit - Wednesday, Oct 19, 22 @ 9:00 pm:

    I wonder if Proft and the Epoch Times share address lists?

  12. - Mary - Thursday, Oct 20, 22 @ 7:53 am:

    Pete DiCianni is allegedly the one who helped organize the Hart protest in order to help Conroy. Read into that what you will… It isn’t a question of DuPage R’s eating their own, more like Pete DiCianni being his usual destructive Pete DiCianni. And he wonders why he lost the R primary…

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