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Hare runs a better ad, but Schilling and the Repubs are pouring it on

Wednesday, Oct 6, 2010

* I was pretty tough on Democratic Congressman Phil Hare’s latest TV ad yesterday. He had it coming. But Hare now has a new ad up that whacks Schilling for not paying taxes while alleging that Schilling wants to raise payroll taxes. Rate it

The payroll taxes hit comes from a Chicago Tribune questionnaire that Schilling’s son says he filled out and “misphrased”

…Schilling responded to a question about the solvency of Medicare and Social Security by saying, “I believe that there will need to be an increase in Medicare and Social Security withholding taxes.”

The “not paying taxes” hit is about Schilling twice not paying his annual business franchise tax to the Secretary of State. Schilling’s corporation was officially dissolved both times. Click here for the documentation. This is a pretty minor offense, but Debbie Halvorson was hit with the same thing two years ago by Republican Marty Ozinga.

* Hare is going to need a solid hit because the National Republican Congressional Committee is about to dump about a million dollars into his race

POLITICO has learned that the National Republican Congressional Committee will take a bank loan of at least $6.5 million – but likely more—to expand its ad buys into seven additional districts beyond the 55 where the committee has already reserved time.

According to an NRCC source familiar with the effort, the newly-added targets include five Democrats whose districts until recently were thought to be out of reach this year: Minnesota Rep. Tim Walz, Georgia Rep. Sanford Bishop, Illinois Rep. Phil Hare, and Ohio Rep. Zack Space, and Colorado Rep. John Salazar.

* And Schilling had a pretty darned good quarter

3rd Quarter Total Raised: $375,262

Cash On Hand: $420,962

Total Raised To Date: $675,899

A recent poll by Public Opinion Strategies of 400 likely voters, conducted on September 26 and 27, with a margin of error of 4.9 percent shows Schilling and Hare tied at 37-38 percent. Schilling leads Hare by 18 points among voters who have heard of both candidates, and by 29 points among voters who have an opinion of both candidates. Pollster Glen Bolger said of this poll “Incumbent Phil Hare has real problems with the electorate in this district. Voters are upset at the direction of the country. Hare’s image is underwhelming. Incumbents at 38% on the ballot test don’t win unless they are successful at burning down their opponent.”

* All that cash is funding a brand new Schilling TV ad

* Hare hasn’t released his own fundraising totals yet, which sorta tells you something. But he is getting some help from the DCCC

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* Hare touts trade equalizer bill - Act targets China specifically for devaluing currency

* Congressman Says China Should Play Fair

* Video: Hare calls deficit, debt a “myth”

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - VanillaMan - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 2:59 pm:

    Schilling also has eight tax deductions with a little family business. He has ten kids.

    I oroginally thought Schilling was not a serious candidate, but he has turned out to be rather good at this. This is ine of the reasons Hare was not prepared. Hare has had little to no opposition and got spoiled.

    Hare is just plain spoiled all around. He did not tend to his district. He did not work hard to build a new coalition of voters. He has just carpetbagged Lane’s voter base. Hare voted like he had no centrist or conservatives living in Western and Central Illinois to oppose him. Hare just got lazy.

    Schilling is going to win. Even in this Decratic district. He is winning because Hare is just that sloppy.

  2. - Fred - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 3:20 pm:

    Business franchise Tax? Really???

    Is that all Hare has? A joke and Hare should be ashamed he is running this ad.

  3. - justsickofit - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 3:21 pm:

    I agree with vanilla about taking the district for granted. He didn’t hold a town hall meeting on health care, for example, and hasn’t sent a representative to all the candidate forums. But the DCCC commercial is a killer! More than health care, people are screaming — bring back our jobs! The “he didn’t pay his taxes” is sort of low, finding out that it wasn’t property or income taxes he didn’t pay, but it’s all about perception, and in a climate of tax evaders (Brady) I think the message gets magnified.

  4. - Team Sleep - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 3:30 pm:

    Hare’s ad is much better than the previous spot. That first ad sucked a big one.

    Schilling’s ad is good. They are about a wash. At least Schilling’s ad is more positive.

  5. - Fred - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 3:35 pm:

    justsickofit—You are dead wrong with your comment about Brady. But, keep of the misinformation.

  6. - Josh - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 3:57 pm:

    Let me see if I understand this. Raising payroll taxes on young, employed people hurts senior citizens receiving the benefits? If not by increasing revenue or decreasing benefits, how exactly does Hare intend on “protecting Social Security”?

  7. - VanillaMan - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 4:06 pm:

    Sorry, but if you have to question Hare’s reasoning for this ad, then you are too young to get it. Find a senior, and they will enlighten you as to why you should be a wage slave so they can live next door to Wilfred Brimley’s vacation home in Maui.

  8. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 4:11 pm:

    The Schilling ad is very good. I love the family at work at the business and the spinning pizza.

    I hate the “take our country back line.” I hate it a lot. Back from whom, brother? Nobody took my country. I think I know what he’s saying and I don’t like it, but he should spell it out or put it away.

    Hare’s a man with a belly, like a lot of UAW/Dem warriors out there. Don’t underestimate the China/India angle. Back in the day, you could walk into a Deere/Cat/IH plant when you were 18, retire 30 years later with your house, summer house and fishing boat.

    There’s a lot of nostalgia for that. Free trade doesn’t fly in that crowd.

    Is Schilling’s pizza any good? When I lived in the Quads, the pizza was beyond lousy. I’ve found wherever you are in the world, the pizza is awful except in Chicago and New York, although Gabitoni’s in Springfield ain’t bad.

  9. - Team Sleep - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 4:13 pm:

    Word, go down to St. Louis for some good pizza. It’s as thin as a cracker and plenty tasty.

  10. - VanillaMan - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 4:15 pm:

    Also, I find it a bit of a stretch to blame a pizza restauranteur of sending jobs to China, Korea or wherever. As far as I know, Schilling doesn’t deliver to the Far East.

    What I am finding more shocking is that the more Hare goes out and campaign, the more voters he turns off. Unbelievable. What does that tell you about his ability to campaign? No wonder he has been hiding since 2006.

  11. - Anon - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 4:16 pm:


    I’ve had Schilling’s pizza once… It is nothing to write home about. Wasn’t terrible. If you’re in the QC just stick with Harris Pizza.

  12. - VanillaMan - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 4:24 pm:

    Do not eat St. Louis pizza with that white Velveta crap on it, Provel - nasty!

    Best pizza, Arnello’s and Sanfrantellos in Glenwood, Renos in Carlinville, DiCarlos in Virden, Uno and Due in Chicago and Aurelios Pizza throughout the South Suburbs, especially in Homewood.

  13. - Cincinnatus - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 4:31 pm:


    Gulliver’s in Villa Park deep dish is almost as good as Uno’s, and when you live in Elmhurst, a heckuva lot closer…

  14. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 4:43 pm:

    Harris was better than Happy Joes, but that ain’t saying much.

    When I’m in the Quads, I got to The Belgian Village in Moline for a Reuben on homemade raisin bread. Good crowd, a few beers and a ballgame, that’s living.

  15. - Downstater - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 4:49 pm:

    Do you remember the US Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader of the US Senate for the end of Reagan’s term and the start of Bush I?

    They were none other than Robert Byrd and Jim Wright. These two individuals were the face of the Democratic party for a two year stretch. Every time they came on TV, they were the epitomy of slick politicians. Their thin smiles and deep southern drawls came off as too political. Each time these two appeared on TV, they turned off voters.

    Phil Hare seems to suffer from the same “appearance deficit”. In this time of bloated union pensions and fat government spending, Hare seems like someone straight out of central casting.

    His taped words (”I don’t care about the constitution” and now “the deficit is a myth”)only add to the depressing picture that he presents as being out of touch and from another era.

    Wright had to leave the House, while Byrd was moved off center stage by the Democrats. I don’t think they’ll be given that choice on Hare. The voters will take care of that in just four weeks.

  16. - D.P. Gumby - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 5:02 pm:

    BTW, the best pizza in Papa Dels in Champaign!

  17. - Cincinnatus - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 5:16 pm:

    D.P. Gumby,

    They’re still there? They were across the street from the EE building on Wright near the corner of Green. We used to pop our experiments in the oven, then head over to P-Del’s for pizza and beer while the chips where diffusing. Sure beat Garcia’s all the hell. Best place to eat on Friday was the Deluxe Bar on Green and Sixth. Fried fish sandwiches with onions and BBQ sauce on rye which I have able to replicate and still make all the time.

  18. - Publius - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 5:18 pm:

    His pizza is alright, it was not to far from my house when I lived full time in the Quads. I knew Schilling since he opened up the place and we used to order it every Friday.Rich have tomorrow’s QOTD be what is the best pizza joint in the state…

  19. - Cincinnatus - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 5:49 pm:


    Great idea! Of course, as is Rich’s penchant, we will need to provide reasons and back-up with no sock puppetry.

    Then after the election we all meet at the winner for beers. And pizza, of course.

  20. - Doug - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 6:09 pm:

    Downstater has it dead on

  21. - Quinn T. Sential - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 6:17 pm:

    I don’t know about Phil Hare, but I can tell you first hand that Zack Space’s re-election prospects are on life support, and could be flat lining soon.

    OH-1 |OH-13 | OH-15 | OH-16 | OH-18

    “Tin soldiers and Nixon coming,
    We’re finally on our own.
    This summer I hear the drumming ………..

  22. - Park - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 6:27 pm:

    This story clearly demonstrates one important fact: pizza trumps politics.

    Lived in St. Louis 6 years….took the first 5 to find a decent pizza (and I mean only decent).

    Best regular (non-deep dish) pizza in the whole Chicago area is Uncle Pete’s in Westmont. When you pick up your pizza (no dine in) tell Kim that I’ll be there for my pepperoni & black olive on Friday. And you can thank me later.

  23. - wordslinger - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 7:35 pm:

    Bacinos, downtown Chicago, followed by Lou Malnatti’s.

  24. - Liandro - Wednesday, Oct 6, 10 @ 11:54 pm:

    I love that Schilling was spinning dough in that ad. I like a man who built himself from the ground up, and this was a little peek into that.

  25. - MG of IL - Sunday, Oct 24, 10 @ 10:19 pm:

    My problem with Shilling is that he does not live in the 17th Congressional District. His small family run pizza joint is hardly making or breaking Moline’s economy. If Shilling and his brood cannot vote for him why should he be elected and make decisons for a district he does not live in let along support?

    As far as Hare is concerned - he does work for those in the disctrict - WIU new technology/engineering center on River Drive, the new I-74 bridge, the new AMTRAK train/center in downtown Moline, the new comples near Kone, he has also been against sending jobs our of the USA and he fought very hard for those workers at Hart Shafner Marx - then the new owners sold everyone out. I don’t think anyone should vote for Shilling.

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