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Americans for Prosperity Illinois launching direct mail, online campaign to stop income tax hike

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

* From a press release…

Today Americans for Prosperity - Illinois is launching the first phase of a campaign calling on legislators to honor their promise to taxpayers by keeping the 67% income tax hike temporary. The effort consists of a massive direct mail effort, along with a website,, and grassroots efforts to oppose Governor Quinn and Speaker Madigan’s push to permanently hike the income tax. The efforts will seek to hold 17 state legislators accountable by highlighting their prior stated support for letting the income tax hike expire as scheduled.

“Illinoisans want to know: will those legislators who said they supported letting the income tax expire while campaigning stand up for taxpayers now? Or will they join Gov. Quinn and Speaker Madigan in breaking trust with their constituents and again hike taxes on all Illinoisans further damaging the state’s dismal economy?” asked David From, Illinois State Director of Americans for Prosperity. “Many of these legislators at one point recognized that permanently increasing the income tax will harm Illinois’s hardworking families and slow economic recovery. They need to honor their commitment to their constituents and allow the tax hike to expire as promised to taxpayers when the measure was passed.”

The legislators being held accountable are: Reprentatives Fred Crespo (44th District), Emily McAsey (85th District), Katherine Cloonen (79th District), Deborah Conroy (46th District), Laura Fine (17th District), Stephanie Kifowit (84th District), Natalie Manley (98th District), Michelle Mussman (55th District), Brandon Phelps (118th District), Marty Moylan (55th District), Sam Yingling (62nd), Jerry Costello II (116th), Mike Smiddy (71st) and Senators Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant (49th District), Julie Morrison (29th District), Melinda Bush (31st District), and Michael Hastings (19th District).

Today’s direct mail and online efforts build on AFP’s on-going grassroots opposition to the income tax hike, which includes regular door knocking and phoning to educate and mobilize Illinoisans against the tax hike.

* A sample mailer

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - A guy... - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 3:10 pm:

    That could work.

  2. - SAP - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 3:13 pm:

    That is some bad photo-shopping. The Speaker looks like David Byrne circa 1983:

  3. - VanillaMan - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 3:14 pm:

    Temporary tax increase, or temporary Illinois legislator - you choice legislators.

  4. - Frustrated Voter - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 3:15 pm:

    Not bad.

  5. - wordslinger - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 3:19 pm:

    Americans for Prosperity is a grassroots organization only if you’re one of the Koch boys groundskeepers.

  6. - Michelle Flaherty - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 3:19 pm:

    Just look at all the economic activity springing up in Illinois.

  7. - Anonymous - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 3:22 pm:

    Terrible photoshop. Pat Quinn would never wear a suit that expensive.

  8. - Befuddled - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 3:29 pm:

    Madigan looks buff. Those apples are working.

  9. - JSlim - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 3:34 pm:

    Effective- choose an unpopular Gov & even less popular Speaker or constituents. I’m guessing the photoshop is intentional.

  10. - Joe M - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 3:41 pm:

    Will the Koch brothers be around Illinois to pick up the slack when Illinois’ schools, state universities,state highways, prisons, and state services go into levels unacceptable to the state’s citizens, because of lack of funding?

    Those Illinois citizens opposed to the tax extension might not like the consequences if their wish comes true

  11. - Formerly Known As... - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 3:44 pm:

    AFP’s got the money to push that message.

    If every mailer includes a quote as blunt as Mussman’s, those Reps will have their hands full.

  12. - Where are the May Flowers? - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 3:48 pm:

    “Today’s direct mail and online efforts build on AFP’s on-going grassroots opposition to the income tax hike, which includes regular door knocking and phoning to educate and mobilize Illinoisans against the tax hike.”

    What a crock. If there were being intellectually honest about being fiscally responsible, they would be educating the public about why it is necessary to extend the current income tax rates.

  13. - SonofSuperAbe2014 - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 3:49 pm:

    It works

  14. - Demoralized - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 4:04 pm:

    Perhaps they can tell us what happens when the current tax rate is about to expire. It’s easy to say things like this. It’s harder to have actual solutions.

  15. - Norseman - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 4:11 pm:

    We’ll see how effective these folks are. I’m not convinced.

  16. - OVERSIGHT - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 4:16 pm:

    Madigan’s suit doesn’t appear to be from Mens Warehouse.

  17. - Responsa - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 4:16 pm:

    They shoulda said when it was passed that it’d need to be permanent because of the state’s long term precarious financial condition. They could have chosen to be honest about it then. But they were cowards and they didn’t do that. They had to lie to get it passed. Should taxpayers just shrug their shoulders when pols lie to them? Or is it OK for voters to expect and demand accountability? I like this ad.

  18. - Precinct Captain - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 4:19 pm:

    ==Temporary tax increase==

    It’s actually permanent in the eyes of the law. 3.75>3. Math and all.

  19. - Keyser Soze - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 4:22 pm:

    Hello Mr. Rock, I’m Mr. Hard Place.

  20. - LincolnLounger - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 4:23 pm:

    Agreed. It is very appropriate to hold legislators responsible for their promises and their phony “temporary” or “sunset” tax hikes. Did anyone really believe that we wouldn’t be exactly where we are today? Ridiculous to attack the Kochs and whine about alleged cuts in state services without holding legislators for their own statements and irresponsible behavior.

  21. - Louis G. Atsaves - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 4:30 pm:

    === “Will the Koch brothers be around Illinois to pick up the slack when Illinois’ schools, state universities,state highways, prisons, and state services go into levels unacceptable to the state’s citizens, because of lack of funding?” ===

    Uh, aren’t they all now at levels that are unacceptable?

  22. - A guy... - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 4:38 pm:

    ===Joe M - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 3:41 pm:

    Will the Koch brothers be around Illinois to pick up the slack when Illinois’ schools, state universities,state highways, prisons, and state services go into levels unacceptable to the state’s citizens, because of lack of funding?===

    Louis A beat me to it. You mean now?

  23. - Demoralized - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 4:39 pm:

    ==alleged cuts in state services==

    There is nothing “alleged” in the cuts that will happen if the current tax rate is allowed to expire. At least be honest in the discussion.

  24. - Jake From Elwood - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 4:49 pm:

    Is that Mike Madigan or the individual painted in “The Scream” by Edvard Munch?

  25. - Hit or Miss - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 4:49 pm:

    Lets say that the “temporary” income tax increase goes away. The states income will then decrease. What is the plan by Americans for Prosperity - Illinois to cut the budget? Which areas of government do they suggest that the “runaway spending” cut from and by how much? I do not see it in the mailer.

  26. - northshorecynic - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 4:50 pm:

    powerful piece… words come back to haunt

  27. - wordslinger - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 4:53 pm:

    –Will the Koch brothers be around Illinois to pick up the slack when Illinois’ schools, state universities,state highways, prisons, and state services go into levels unacceptable to the state’s citizens, because of lack of funding?===

    Louis A beat me to it. You mean now?–

    So you guys want more revenue. From where?

  28. - Littlehorse - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 5:06 pm:

    They can’t keep their promise with the Retirement, why would they worry about this tax?

  29. - Oneman - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 5:08 pm:

    I love that picture of Quinn….

  30. - RonOglesby - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 5:22 pm:

    You want to take something you “promised” was temporary and make permanent you need to own it. Acting like it wouldn’t be a political ball to be thrown back at you is just silly.

  31. - Walker - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 5:23 pm:

    Too late to impact the vote much, if it is held before the last couple days of May. But will make November tough indeed, for these folks.

    AFP couldn’t care less about Illinois, or the country for that matter. But they have big money funders and a lot of followers of their ideology.

  32. - Frustrated Voter - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 5:50 pm:

    Revenues would be up if Illinois had a more business-friendly environment. However, when the state has the second highest property taxes in the nations, some of the highest personal and corporate income tax rates (and talking about increasing them), a sky high gasoline tax, high sales taxes, ridiculously high worker’s comp insurance premiums, 3 of the nation’s judicial hellholes within your borders (Cook, Madison & St. Clair counties)…meanwhile being surrounded by increasingly business friendly states…you’re effectively chasing the revenue out of your state and punishing those who haven’t yet fled.

  33. - D.P.Gumby - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 5:59 pm:

    I wish the Koch Bros would spend their money on some socially beneficial purpose instead of wasting it all on their propaganda crap.

  34. - Confused - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 6:15 pm:

    Isn’t Julie Morrison a fiscal conservative and business friendly moderate?

  35. - Formerly Known As... - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 6:16 pm:

    “I am shocked, shocked I say, to see my face and words on that mailer. That is dirty pool! You can’t quote me and then expect me to do what I said I would.”

  36. - Bill White - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 6:59 pm:

    = But will make November tough indeed, for these folks. =

    None of the state senators listed in the press release are up for election in 2014. Maybe you mean November 2016.

    Two of the thirteen IL House members mentioned are currently uncontested and another six won in 2012 with at least 60% of the vote.

  37. - MrJM - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 7:17 pm:

    What a terrific coincidence! I was wondering where I could buy some used trucks from some evidently unscrupulous people!

    – MrJM

  38. - wordslinger - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 8:05 pm:

    –None of the state senators listed in the press release are up for election in 2014. Maybe you mean November 2016.

    Two of the thirteen IL House members mentioned are currently uncontested and another six won in 2012 with at least 60% of the vote.–

    Interesting. Seems like they should narrow the target list.

    Not my money.

  39. - Holdingontomywallet - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 8:13 pm:

    It is just outrageous to ask our legislators to keep their word! Spin it any way you want, but they peddled “temporary” and you can’t change that. Words have meaning….

  40. - Elo Kiddies - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 8:34 pm:

    Interesting that the phone number goes direct to Mussman’s district office. AfP is not trying to track who calls, how many call, prompt them on what to say, etc, by patching callers through AfP’s own switchboard.

  41. - OLK 73 - Tuesday, May 6, 14 @ 9:22 pm:

    It may be the Koch brothers, but it’s payback time. If you voted for it because it was temporary, let’s lay your cards on the table.

  42. - A. Nonymous - Wednesday, May 7, 14 @ 6:12 am:

    Dear “keep their word” crowd: Please either pony up your donations directly to the state treasury or explain which of our mental health facilities, our charities providing state services, our schools (pick a mix of local to collegiate levels), our roads, our state police and prisons, etc. you wish to close and eliminate.

    Thank you for your honest and rational discussion of math.

    The Koch brothers (through AFP or related groups like AFP-Illinois) have been going after absolutely any tax issue all across the country.

    Two years ago they went after Arlington Heights and West Chicago over park district questions and Wauconda over water pipes of all things.

    This year they went after Grand Rapids, MI over potholes (don’t fix them - .2% tax is too high!!) and Columbus, OH over their world-famous zoo (don’t update the public zoo!!!).

    Do the Koch Bros. really like potholes and dirty drinking water??

    No tax or town or political level from President to school board is too small for AFP to rail against, facts be darned.

    Some people have more money than they know what to do with.

  43. - VanillaMan - Wednesday, May 7, 14 @ 7:22 am:

    Please note that the brochure does not use a silly or demeaning photo of Mussman, so they are not directly targeting her. This brochure is intended to influence her by linking her with two rich old men who wield political power, whose images are photoshopped unappealingly. But not Mussman. She ends up looking good by comparison.

    And there lies the power of the message. You can’t dismiss it because you might be a Mussman supporter - you see that Mussman is supporting two old clowns you’d rather she not support. By not going after Mussman with an ugly stick and clowning her up as well, the brochure’s message becomes credible and believable. No one likes Quinn or Madigan as their personal legislator - but they do care about Mussman. No harming her image was a very good move. It brings into agreement an undecided Mussman supporter with their message.

    For being smart about it for a change.

  44. - Geronimo - Wednesday, May 7, 14 @ 7:48 am:

    The folks like the Kochs and civvie types arent’ after more money as their main target. Their main objective is POWER (and that’s what their cash buys them). Isn’t this exactly how some extreme power maniacs in history got started and created the world wide chaos as a result?

  45. - Walter Mitty - Wednesday, May 7, 14 @ 7:56 am:

    Geronimo…What is MJM in it for?

  46. - Walter Mitty - Wednesday, May 7, 14 @ 8:01 am:

    If you want any outsiders to stop influencing…Vote people in that do the job of the people… Edgar kicked the can…Dems kicked the can…

  47. - Geronimo - Wednesday, May 7, 14 @ 8:10 am:

    Agreed about MJM Walter BUT as far as voting people in to do the job of the people? They say one thing to get elected, then,once elected, do a 180 degree turn around. The con job. No accountability to voters until next election time. A long time to wait for all the destruction.

  48. - Geronimo - Wednesday, May 7, 14 @ 8:22 am:

    On my same note, I get a kick out of these polls that show what voters want and what pols determine. Who do they represent? Not the poll voters who often clearly show the exact opposite of what is happening in Springfield. What are polls worth? What is voting worth? My spouse and I met with our representative who told us one thing to our faces and voted the opposite. I told him not to send his email updates or letters to my house. I told him nothing he says interests me since he is a con man. Like talking to the wall.

  49. - Pensioner - Wednesday, May 7, 14 @ 8:25 am:

    “americans for Prosperity”. Which Americans and whose prosperity? These truths are also self evident.

  50. - VanillaMan - Wednesday, May 7, 14 @ 8:33 am:

    So - we live in Illinois and these two are our governor and speaker of the Illinois house. They have been a part of our state politics for over 30 years. The better old days, according to a majority of Illinoisans, in many ways.

    So why are we talking about two guys from Kansas who have had nothing to do with Illinois politics over those past 30 years? Why is it more interesting to dismiss the messages in this brochure that have a lot to do with Illinois, our failed leadership, lame duck “temporary” tax increases, and Ms. Mussman? Why is the past 30 years of Illinois politics with these two photoshopped political power players less important to some of you guys than these two guys in Kansas who seeded the money for the group putting out this brochure?

    If you want to defend these two extremely important and powerful gentlemen in this brochure then try to do so by defending their position without trying to turn everything into a conspiratorial fantasy.

    It is deliberately misleading and deliberately vague. Both Quinn and Madigan are not shadowy rich guys from Kansas seeding political groups with their money - instead they are two very real, very powerful, and very rich men who control an awful lot of the state of Illinois.

    Illinois is a mess. These guys have been in a big part of that mess for a long time. Voters aren’t happy. This isn’t because they read a brochure they just received through the mail, regardless of who helped pay for it’s production or printing or mailing.

  51. - The NKI - Wednesday, May 7, 14 @ 9:20 am:

    I like how most on here enjoy spending my money on substandard schools and services. At what point do we say enough is enough? Raising taxes and taking my money is not the answer anymore….

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