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Today’s deep thought

Thursday, Dec 22, 2011

* I have to admit that I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Rep. Jack Franks, even though I’ve often been perturbed at his blatant media antics. But commenter “Yellow Dog Democrat” wrote something last night that helped me understand why I’ve always liked the guy

(H)e’s less camera hog and more Merry Prankster. It’s usually good-natured, unless Jack decides that he just really thinks you’re a tool, in which case Jack’s Brain works day and night plotting ways to make your life Miserable. [Links added]

What a brilliant insight. And absolutely spot-on.

So, who can top YDD’s insight today? Dazzle us with your brilliance.

- Posted by Rich Miller        

  1. - PublicServant - Thursday, Dec 22, 11 @ 8:23 am:

    The Republican Remap lawsuit had nothing to do with their concern for latino representation…

  2. - Lincoln's Penny - Thursday, Dec 22, 11 @ 8:45 am:

    the first rule in politics is that you have to have enemies. Jack gets this.

    the second rule in politics is that you have to have friends. Jack doesn’t get this.

    Hes too concerned with his own selfish agenda that he refuses any attempts to be helpful to people who can be helpful to him.

    Its sad too because he is talented.

  3. - Anon - Thursday, Dec 22, 11 @ 8:55 am:

    Hack Franks got a haircut he liked in 1981 and has not tried to get a new one ever since.

  4. - 47th Ward - Thursday, Dec 22, 11 @ 9:08 am:

    It’s too early for any deep thoughts from me and now I’m off for Christmas, over the river and through the woods and all.

    Rich, I’ve said this before but it bears repeating: you have created a great community here on the blog. It attracts smart and funny commenters who collectively make this the best political bar in Illinois. Thanks to all and happy holidays.

    Now I have to go put a huge Ron Paul sign on my car before I drive through Iowa later today. See you all next year.

  5. - wordlslinger - Thursday, Dec 22, 11 @ 9:37 am:

    The Republican Party has lost its sense of optimism, it’s belief in the future.

    Today’s GOP is the antithesis of the Reagan Coalition, who believed anything was possible through hard work, patience and perseverance, including the defeat of the existential threat of the Soviet Union and Communism.

    The GOP, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch in service of his wildly profitable, divisive and sinister business model, is the Blame Americans First crowd, if those Americans are Democrats, liberals, moderates, RINOs, city-dwellers, East Coast, West Coast, non-white, gay, educated, etc.

    Rather than pursuing a vision of a better future for all, today’s GOP pursues a willfully ignorant, palsied, cant dogma to nowhere that sees enemies everywhere.

    Rather than an inclusive Big Tent, today’s GOP throws up barriers to any but the most radical zealots. Eisenhower, Rockefeller, Goldwater and Reagan would have no home there.

  6. - PublicServant - Thursday, Dec 22, 11 @ 9:58 am:

    Don’t forget the existential threat posed by the “Lame” Stream Media, and “East Coast Intellectuals”, Word. That’s the “If ya can’t beat’em, attempt to villify them.” GOP strategy.

  7. - Plutocrat03 - Thursday, Dec 22, 11 @ 10:36 am:

    I believe you mean East Coast Ineffectuals

  8. - walkinfool - Thursday, Dec 22, 11 @ 10:40 am:

    If you ignore the press long enough, Mr Speaker, you get rolled into a two-dimensional caricature.

  9. - Way Way Down Here - Thursday, Dec 22, 11 @ 11:10 am:

    I’m going to post this here instead of on the Cardinal George thread.

    I was very touched by what Amalia posted about Cardinal Bernardin at 10:47. I’m not a Catholic, but my late father-in-law was a very devout follower. He was a very kind and gentle man, and while I do not agree with many tenets of his church, I greatly respected his faith and am a better person for having known him. Thanks Amalia for reminding me of that and thanks Mike we miss you.

  10. - Yellow Dog Democrat - Thursday, Dec 22, 11 @ 11:20 am:

    Mike Madigan is not the most powerful politician in Springfield. Tom Cross is. And he doesn’t know it.

    Yes, the Roadrunner will always beat The Coyote. But the Coyote gets to decide how, when, where and even if to chase the Roadrunner.

    In warfare, we call that choosing the battlefield.

    In politics, we call that framing the debate.

    In public policymaking and cognitive theory, we call that setting the agenda.

    It is the ultimate power.

    The problems for Cross are the same problems the Coyote had:

    He’s letting other people write the script — interest groups that don’t care if the Coyote runs off the cliff in the end, as long as they get to tell their story and get what they want.

    He’s letting his own appetite short circuit rational and strategic behavior.

    As long as the Coyote keeps chasing the Roadrunner, he will eventually lose in the end, and as long as Cross keeps trying to play chess with the Chessmaster, he will eventually lose too.

    When the Coyote stops chasing the Roadrunner, the Roadrunner ceases to have power over him. When Cross stops playing chess, stops allowing interest groups to dictate that he play the game and even script the moves, then and only then will Madigan cease to have power over him.

  11. - Yellow Dog Democrat - Thursday, Dec 22, 11 @ 12:52 pm:

    @Wordslinger -

    I’d go a step further and argue that the great Reagan Revolution championed by the GOP was their own undoing and the undoing of the business interests that backed them.

    When you tirelessly tell people that government is the enemy, that politicians can’t be trusted, and that all public policy should be viewed through the lens of “What’s in it for me?” instead of “What’s in it for us?”, that has consequences.

    It means that people don’t trust the government when its being led by Republicans either, and are inclined to view policies that are vital to the profitability of American companies and our economy with hostility unless they can see a direct and tangible benefit to themselves…and even then they tend to be hostile if they think someone else is getting a bigger piece of the pie.

    Someone from the GOP needs to stand up and say “Reagan was wrong. A tax cut never put out a fire. We do need government for some things.”

  12. - Yellow Dog Democrat - Thursday, Dec 22, 11 @ 1:44 pm:

    @lincoln’s penny-

    Jack Franks didn’t come to Springfield to make enemies, make friends, or be a politician. Although you are correct that being liked is oftentimes atleast as important as being Right when it comes to being successful in Springfield.

    Jack’s strength and weakness in that regard comes from an unwillingness to compromise. Its easier to make friends in Springfield if you are willing to compromise.

    As for needing enemies, I’d say that Rod Blagojevich, Motorola, the insurance industry, and Lee Daniels picked The fight with Jack Franks, not the other way around.

    We’re just so used to seeing rank-and-file lawmakers tremble when a sitting governor goes after them.

  13. - Spring - Thursday, Dec 22, 11 @ 1:46 pm:

    Rich was wrong and it been bugging me. G-Rod wasn’t Fredo, he was Carlo, married into it, fighting with the family (landfill), thought he was going to the vegas (the cabinet), then his little ruse couldn’t fool the family.

  14. - Leave a Light on George - Thursday, Dec 22, 11 @ 2:44 pm:

    @ Spring

    I couldn’t remember Carlo’s name at the time. But he did pay for what happened to Santino,

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