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Declared winners

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

* I will use this post to update you on which candidates have been declared the winners

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LIVE ELECTION RESULTS: Illinois House Republican primaries

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

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LIVE ELECTION RESULTS: Illinois House Democratic primaries

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

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LIVE ELECTION RESULTS: Illinois Senate Republican primaries

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

[These results will automatically update, so please do not refresh your screen. Thanks.]

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LIVE ELECTION RESULTS: Illinois Senate Democratic primaries

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

[These results will automatically update, so please do not refresh your screen. Thanks.]

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LIVE ELECTION RESULTS: Democratic congressional primaries

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

[These results will automatically update, so please do not refresh your screen. Thanks.]

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LIVE ELECTION RESULTS: Republican congressional primaries

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

[These results will automatically update, so there should be no need to refresh your browser.]

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LIVE ELECTION RESULTS: Democratic congressional primaries

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

[These results will automatically update, so there should be no need to refresh your browser.]

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LIVE ELECTION RESULTS: Statewide primaries

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

[These results will automatically update, so there should be no need to refresh your browser.]


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*** LIVE *** Sun-Times election night show, plus Rich Miller’s updates

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

* Press releases, and other election-related news updates can be found on our live coverage post (click here). A declared winner page will be set up later, and I’ll post the elections results posts after 7 o’clock. As I told you earlier, Sun-Times Washington Bureau Chief Lynn Sweet is hosting a show tonight. You can watch it right here

* I’ve also created a new Scribble Live feed that will contain my own thoughts as the night progresses. It’ll also include anything I tweet or retweet during the evening. So, as always, follow along with Scribble Live

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*** UPDATED x1 *** Late afternoon, early evening precinct reports

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

* Text from a buddy at about 3 o’clock…

East and west entrance to a library in the 14th Ward. Over 60 signs. Only 45 voters out today!!

More signs than voters…

* The fifth GOTV e-mail today from Rauner’s campaign, also at 3 o’clock…

Ah, Madigan reappears. Looks like they rebooted the guy.

*** UPDATE *** Gov. Rauner’s latest GOTV robocall features police sirens and a very insistent announcer


* What are you seeing and hearing out there? Tell us, ‘cuz we’re all dying to know.

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More election day shenanigans!

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

…Adding… This has been quite something to watch today…

* It took them an hour and a half to correct the problem. From Raila’s attorney…

* The green flyer which was mistakenly handed out…


* House Democratic primary to replace retiring Rep. Al Riley (D-Olympia Fields)…

* Response from the other side…

* Meanwhile…

* From a reader…

I’m not sure this is permitted— it was spotted INSIDE the booths at Ward 27 precincts. Taped inside the wall!


I asked him if he ripped the sample ballot down, but he said it was a text from a friend.

* I don’t know if this is a shenanigan, but whatevs. It’s Wilmette

Highcrest School, a public school in Wilmette, just called the police on me because I was being a “distraction to the students” while electioneering for Mary Rita for State Representative (My mother). The election judge incorrectly believes the law is that the 100 feet rule applies only in one direction. The judge told me I was an idiot and that he just took the test on it yesterday when I explained that it’s a 100 foot radius I have to be outside of in any direction from the entrance. He refused to measure 100 feet in the direction I was standing. The police ultimately forced me to leave a zone where i could actually talk to voters and forced me to stand in an area where no one passes by. Police, Republican election judges and public school administrators colluding to prevent students from understanding the democratic process. I told them the students should come out and ask questions about the election and our candidates.

- Posted by Rich Miller   17 Comments      

*** LIVE *** Election coverage

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

* This is actually my live session coverage thingy, but I just decided I’d repurpose it for this as well. Plus, it’ll give you something to look at while we wait for the polls to close. Watch it all in real time with ScribbleLive

- Posted by Rich Miller   5 Comments      

Hultgren aide fired after scandal

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

* Randy Hultgren has been the most boring member of the state’s congressional delegation. No more

Illinois GOP Rep. Randy Hultgren has fired a top aide after the staffer was found in a car last fall with a 17-year-old boy and no shirt on, according to multiple sources and a police report.

Nick Provenzano, 56, was dismissed by Hultgren over the weekend, the sources said. […]

The Hultgren spokesperson said the office learned about the incident “late Wednesday and immediately placed him on leave before his eventual termination.” […]

Provenzano served as a McHenry County board member for 13 years. He was also the campaign manager for former Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) in 2010, according to his LinkedIn biography.

The police report is here.

* NW Herald

On Oct. 21, a pair of police officers rolled down a dead-end McHenry street and found an SUV with its headlights turned off.

Inside, they found a shirtless man and a teenage boy.

The boy was 17. The driver was 56-year-old Nick Provenzano, a former McHenry County Board member who worked for U.S. Rep. Randy Hultgren.

They had met on Grindr, a popular gay dating app.

McHenry police questioned Provenzano about what happened inside the car. He said they were “hanging out,” according to a redacted McHenry police report obtained by the Northwest Herald using the Freedom of Information Act.

Provenzano said he took off his shirt because he was hot. The day had a high of 76 degrees and a low of 61.

The police report includes a detective interview with the 17-year-old boy. He told police the meeting was “sexual” in nature – a late-night encounter that involved Provenzano at one point pulling down his pants and underwear.

The boy told police that the meeting was consensual. The age of consent in Illinois is 17.

Provenzano, who earned a reputation as one of the County Board’s most outspoken conservative members, declined to give police a statement, and he has not been charged with a crime.

* Patch

Provenzano was placed on leave late Wednesday after Hultgren’s office learned of the incident, a Hultgren spokesman told Patch. He was fired on Monday. […]

Randy Hultgren, a Republican, is running unopposed in Tuesday’s primary election. There are seven Democrats vying for their party’s nomination Tuesday with the hopes of unseating Hultgren this fall.

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Protected: SUBSCRIBERS ONLY - Supplement to today’s edition

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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*** UPDATED x1 *** Election day Lipinski roundup

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

* Oof…

* From Mallory Quigley at the pro-life Susan B. Anthony List…

Hi Rich,

As you know it is Election Day in IL-03. I just got back from the district where for the past 4 days a crew of 70+ college student volunteers and Susan B. Anthony List staff have been visiting the homes of Democratic primary voters urging them to get out and vote for pro-life Rep. Dan Lipinski.

Our team visited more 26,489 homes! Below is a short video of why we got involved and what it was like this weekend

The video is here.

* BuzzFeed asks the wrong question

Should the Democratic Party accept and support anti-abortion candidates?

The party apparatus is supporting Lipinski at both the national and local levels. Go to the machine’s 23rd Ward and these are the kinds of lawns you’ll see…

It’s not about the party’s acceptance and support, it’s about the people who actually vote.

* Here are the campaigns’ final pitches to the media

“I’m just a true-blue Democrat, and he’s a far-right radical Republican,” Newman said in an interview on Monday at her headquarters, citing Lipinski’s opposition to abortion, his positions on gay rights, and his 2010 vote against the Democrats’ signature Affordable Care Act health law. […]

“Marie Newman is a ‘Tea Party of the Left’ extremist who … wants to make the Democratic Party smaller and less inclusive,” the Lipinski campaign said in a prepared statement

* 538 takes a look at the tea party thing

If, as this data suggests, the only prerequisite for being called a tea partier is to attack your Republican opponent from the right, then, sure, Newman is waging the mirror image of a tea party challenge. But that’s a fairly lazy conclusion; it lumps together all the primary challenges listed above when the data shows there are clear differences between them. […]

If you consider the district’s partisanship, then maybe Newman’s campaign is more like Richard Mourdock’s Republican primary challenge to incumbent Sen. Richard Lugar in Indiana’s 2012 U.S. Senate race: According to our partisan lean calculations, Indiana was as Republican then as the Illinois 3rd is Democratic now. Lugar was indeed moderate enough (a .304 DW-Nominate score) that a primary challenge made some sense on its own, but Mourdock infamously ended up losing that general election.

All things considered, it’s debatable whether Newman’s challenge of Lipinski is within reason, according to these ideological scores, or out of line. Lipinski is indeed a Democratic nonconformist who can’t reliably be counted on to vote against the Trump agenda — but he’s not wildly out of sync with his district either. The voters will have to decide how much heterodoxy they can tolerate on Tuesday.

The difference between Indiana’s election and this one is the Republican candidate is a bona fide Nazi…

* This is probably right, but the reasoning will be wrong

Your cable news analysts will be pulling apart the returns from the 3rd to see if they signal a desire from voters for a more centrist Democrat — Lipinski, who has the same sort of appeal as centrist Democrat Conor Lamb, who won last week’s special congressional election in Pennsylvania — or a far more left-wing Democrat — Newman, who will excite the party’s base voters and donors.

The outcome is likely to have national implications for the sorts of candidates the party recruits in the coming months.

Conor Lamb was appealing because he promised to take a seat away from the Republicans, so the more liberal Dem voters looked the other way on some stuff for partisan reasons. It happens a lot. The 3rd is a solidly Democratic district. Liberals want it. We’ll see if they can take it.

* Also

Back in 2004, a Democrat from a safe district voting with the president as often as Lipinski might have been tolerated. Gallup found that moderate and conservative Democrats made up more than 60% of all Democrats in 2004. Liberals made up less than 35%.

Today, it’s an entirely different ball game. Liberal Democrats, at 50%, are a greater force than the combined 48% of moderate and conservative Democrats.

We can see the change in the Democratic electorate on the specific issue of abortion, as well. According to a Quinnipiac University survey in December 2004, 67% of self-identified Democrats said abortion should be legal in all or most cases. Still, a significant minority, 27%, said it should be illegal most or all of the time.

* And

“It’s not about the direction of the party—it’s about the direction of the district,” Joe Trippi, the strategist who helped lead Jones to victory in Alabama, told Newsweek on Monday. “You often have incumbents who’ve been standing in the same place for a decade or more and don’t realize the electorate and the district are changing. That’s creating a lot of vulnerability for incumbents in both parties.”

* One more

And while Pelosi would take heat from outside for backing a losing candidate against a progressive challenger, the inside game is different. Pelosi’s loyalty to her own members remains a key reason that she remains in control of her caucus.

*** UPDATE *** NBC National Political Correspondent…

* Related…

* Progressives look to continue gains on Illinois primary day

* In Illinois Primaries, Abortion Is the Big Issue

* 2018 Primary: 6 Congressional Districts to Watch

- Posted by Rich Miller   26 Comments      

Illinois House Bill HB 4900 Does Nothing for Illinois Consumers

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

[The following is a paid advertisement]

90% of prescriptions filled with generic medicines are less than $20 with a co-pay. This bill may generate headlines but it won’t generate any savings or relief for patients burdened by the high price of expensive brand drugs. Learn more on the Association for Accessible Medicines website.

- Posted by Advertising Department   Comments Off      

Tonight’s election coverage plan

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

* We are going to have live election results tonight from Scott Kennedy’s Illinois Election Data website. They’ll be constantly updated so you won’t have to constantly refresh your screen.

As a precaution, I’m having my fine team at MCS beef up this site even more today. So will be offline for just a few minutes around 5 o’clock this afternoon. Don’t panic. I just got a case of the last-minute worries and decided to calm myself by boosting our oomph to avoid any crashes (notice how technical I am). But it could still happen, particularly if the governor’s race(s) wind(s) up close. So, please: Don’t constantly refresh your browsers tonight. Thanks.

* The Sun-Times’ Lynn Sweet is doing a live election night broadcast and I plan to embed it on this site. The show starts at 6:30 and will run until at least 10:30. The paper’s reporting staff will be featured along with these guests…

* Tom Bevan of Real Clear Politics
* Rep. Robin Kelly D-Ill.
* Political Strategist Lance Trover
* Gov. Rauner Advisor Anne Kavanaugh
* Republican Strategist Eric Elk
* Democratic Strategist Rikeesha Phelon
* Chicago City Clerk Anna Valencia
* Our Revolution Illinois Chair Clem Balanoff
* Joining by phone, US Rep. Peter Roskam R-Ill.
* Sarah Brune, Executive Director, The Illinois Campaign for Political Reform

Looks good.

* What are your primary election night plans?

- Posted by Rich Miller   67 Comments      

Afternoon election day thread

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

* What have you seen in the precincts? What’ve you heard? What do you know?

…Adding… From the Pritzker campaign…

Our statewide, grassroots operation:

    · Since May, the Pritzker campaign has built a statewide, grassroots organization from the ground up in order to talk to voters about the upcoming election.
    · The campaign has 18 offices statewide, over 100 staffers, and almost 10,000 volunteers across the state.
    · The campaign has so far knocked on 591,576 doors and made 3,236,362 phone calls.

From the field today:

    · This morning, the campaign launched almost 200 volunteers from 48 locations to knock on the doors of likely primary voters statewide.
    · Volunteers educated voters on when, where, and how to vote and walked them through a vote plan to ensure they get out to the polls before they close.
    · We’ve had great volunteer turnout in our morning shift! Many supporters we spoke with told us they have voted already.
    · For example, we have a report from Wheatland where volunteers have knocked on every possible packet of doors, so they’re now driving to Joliet to finish up packets there.

* Rauner GOTV e-mail with subject line “Do you have lunch plans?”…

No mention of Madigan? They broke character. Somebody better reboot that guy. /s

* And the same person who runs the Illinois State Fairgrounds Foundation’s website must be moonlighting on Chris Kennedy’s interwebtubes team


- Posted by Rich Miller   59 Comments      

A somewhat confused expectations game

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

* The Rauner campaign seems to be setting the bar high in today’s Wall St. Journal article

Ms. Ives released a poll last week that showed her within striking distance of Mr. Rauner, who is down by 7 percentage points. Mr. Rauner’s internal polling shows the governor ahead by 12 percentage points but with his popularity among the state’s Republicans slipping.

* The Republican Governors Association also appears to be setting the bar high

“Governor Rauner is in strong shape, he should win easily tomorrow night,” Jon Thompson, the Communications Director for the Republican Governors Association (RGA) said

* As you will recall from yesterday, Gov. Rauner compared his current primary battle to Gov. Jim Edgar’s 1994 primary, which Edgar wound up winning by 50 points. Illinois Working together has since been gleefully trolling Rauner

* But with a hat tip to IWT, Rauner said this today on Steve Cochran’s WGN Radio show

We need everybody in the Chicagoland area, your listeners, to know that this election is gonna be closer than anybody thought. This primary is gonna be tough. And Evelyn Sanguinetti and I have to win because we can be victorious. We’re the only ones who can be victorious against Pritzker and Madigan.

* And he said this today on Sam Madonia’s show

We need everybody to get out and vote in today’s primary. So, your listeners, if you haven’t already voted, vote today and take a Republican ballot, please, and on Republican ballot vote for Rauner and Sanguinetti. This primary is gonna be closer than many people originally thought. There’s a huge amount at stake here because Rauner and Sanguinetti, we as a team are the only team that can beat a Pritzker and Madigan in the fall in November. We’re the only ones that can do it.

Man, he sounded nervous on that show.

…Adding… I forgot about this one

All of those moves suggest a suddenly nervous candidate. And while strategists in both parties think he’ll likely hang on to win on Tuesday, some aren’t completely foreclosing the possibility that Ives could pull off a shocker.

“It appears this election is going to be a lot closer than anyone thought it would be — especially the governor,” former Rauner adviser Lance Trover told TPM on Monday.

“Especially the governor” is right.

- Posted by Rich Miller   45 Comments      

Election day shenanigans!

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

* Selectively edited video…

Not cool.

* But Chris is no angel, either. This is “pants on fire” material…

Click here for the debunking.

* This is so irresponsible…

* An e-mail yesterday from PredictIt…

Hi Rich,

Republican Governor Bruce Rauner’s bid for re-election kicks-off in a primary that is tightening. While on the Dems side J.B. Pritzker leads the pack of willing and able challengers for what most pundits see as the most likely governor’s mansion to change hands in 2018.

Further fascinating races are shaping up in Democratic primaries across the 3rd 13th and 14th districts. Where will you be putting your smart money? […]

PredictIt is a real-money political prediction market, a stock market for politics. It was established to research the way markets can forecast future political events. PredictIt’s headquarters is in Washington, D.C.

I asked the company how many people were actually participating in the Illinois markets. This is all the info I could get…

Right now, the most active market amongst the Illinois primaries is the 3rd District with 374 traders. Pretty light volume at the moment.

So, if somebody is sharing this stuff on social media, maybe let them know. I’m not saying PredictIt is a shenanigan, but misusing its “results” could be. There does seem to be a spike in traffic today, so maybe we’ll get an update.

* An e-mail from Frank Avila, who is Cook County Assessor candidate Andrea Raila’s election attorney…

Dozens and Dozens of reports are being received that Andrea Raila is off the ballot.

Signs are in each individual voting booth.

Signs are on the wall.

Signs are being handed out.

When challenged, the judges are saying they were instructed to do so.


Some examples:

Nancy Todd voted today in Old Town and received the attached notice stating votes for Andrea won’t be counted!!

Audrey Avila and her husband Jaime Torres in 2nd ward, 32 precinct

Steve Shavers in the 34th ward.

26th Ward, 34th precinct

Same reports in Skokie, 50th ward, 41st ward, 10th ward, 2nd ward, 26th, ward, 42nd ward, 34 ward.

* Pic…

* Yesterday, Democratic Cook County Board Commissioner Richard Boykin held a press conference to complain that his district was being flooded with yard signs like this one

Boykin voted against the pop tax and is getting help from a campaign committee funded by the IMA, among others.

* Democratic commissioner candidate Bridget Degnen is running against John Fritchey, who also opposed the pop tax and is getting the same GOP money. But the tables were turned there when, according to her campaign, about a hundred or so Degnen yard signs got tagged with this sticker…

Not the worst thing I’ve ever seen, but whatevs.

- Posted by Rich Miller   25 Comments      

Election day time-killers

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

* There’s usually not a whole lot of campaign-related news on election day, so we’re all looking for ways to kill some time. The Pritzker campaign has a new video that features some funny ad outtakes, a clip of Juliana Stratton dancing, Pritzker driving (yes, the billionaire drives) and more. Have a look if you need something to do

* For whatever reason, I like this a lot…

* The governor seems to have calmed down a bit since he made the first video yesterday…

- Posted by Rich Miller   25 Comments      

Adventures in campaigning

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

* Chris Kennedy did a fly-around yesterday. Nice jet

That event was in the Metro East.

* This is from the Bartonville airport near Peoria

“I think it’s incredible to be here in Rockford. This, at the University of Illinois, er, in Peoria. I think it’s incredible to be here in Peoria because the University of Illinois has a medical school here. I think education-driven economic development is critical to the future of our state,” Chris Kennedy said.

Things happen. What’s your favorite story like this?

- Posted by Rich Miller   20 Comments      

Ives puts up new ad in final day

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

* National Review calls this spot “Jeanne Ives’s Powerful Eleventh-Hour Ad.” I’m not so sure. What do you think?

- Posted by Rich Miller   43 Comments      

Providing voter information is the right thing to do

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

[The following is a paid advertisement.]

- Posted by Advertising Department   Comments Off      

Morning election day thread

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

* What did you see at the polls this morning? What are you hearing? What do you know?

[Comments are now closed. Please click here for a fresh thread. Thanks!]

- Posted by Rich Miller   89 Comments      

Protected: SUBSCRIBERS ONLY - Today’s edition of Capitol Fax (use all CAPS in password)

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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Quinn’s Obama ad shenanigan prompts rebuke: “Black voters won’t be bamboozled by him again”

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

[Bumped up to Tuesday for visibilty.]

* NBC 5

In the race for Illinois Attorney General, Pat Quinn’s campaign is running a radio ad touting an Obama endorsement as well — the catch being that former president endorsed Quinn in a different election for a different seat, during his failed gubernatorial re-election bid in 2014.

“You know, I’ve been attacked a lot this week by attack ads,” Pat Quinn told NBC 5. “President Obama stood up for me in 2014; he said I was a consumer advocate, a champion of working people.”

Quinn is using audio from President Obama’s 2014 endorsement in a black radio ad for Quinn’s 2018 attorney general race. Not cool at all.

* From Sen. Kwame Raoul’s spokesman Ron Holmes…

“Old dog, same tricks. Pat Quinn’s willingness to blatantly deceive the public is one of the reasons Bruce Rauner was victorious in 2014. Despite what Pat Quinn may think, black voters won’t be bamboozled by him again.”

* From the electronic Twitter machine…


- Posted by Rich Miller   31 Comments      

HRC does GOTV robo for JB

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

[Bumped up to Tuesday for visibilty.]

* Gov. Rauner has Newt Gingrich making robocalls, and JB Pritzker has Hillary Clinton

* Script

Hi. This is Hillary Clinton. I’ve spent my life fighting for children and families, and so has my good friend JB Pritzker. For decades, JB has worked to expand and improve early childhood education for at-risk youth in Illinois. He’s also worked with non-profits to bring school breakfasts to 230,000 children in Illinois so they have a better chance to succeed in school. I know JB personally, I know his values and I know that JB Pritzker will make a great governor for Illinois. Election day is tomorrow. I hope you will join me in supporting JB Pritzker. Please vote. Thank you very much.

- Posted by Rich Miller   28 Comments      

Rauner says he will “work hard” to unify party after primary

Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018

* From Gov. Rauner’s pep talk to supporters today in DeKalb

Now, nobody likes a primary. I feel bad about it. We’ve got some disagreements. Jim Edgar had a primary opponent in his second election just like I got. It happens. I respect the process. I will work hard to unify us afterwards and find policies we can all agree on to bring us back together. We have got to come together. But we’ve gotta win tomorrow.

OK, but Jim Edgar won his primary race by 50 points: 75-25.

- Posted by Rich Miller   70 Comments      

* *** UPDATED x1 - Another one *** Unclear on the "our party" concept
* Todd Stroger is absolutely right
* It's just a (gas tax) bill
* 1,500 rally for state separatism at Effingham rally
* Zalewski unveils sports betting menu options
* #TaxSplaining: Does the governor's revenue forecast add up?
* *** UPDATED x1 *** TRS opposes Pritzker's pension holiday, buyout expansion
* Pritzker’s Growth Fantasy
* The Credit Union Difference
* Simon Poll: More now think state is on right track, 66 percent back $15 minimum wage
* Measure advances to block immigrant detention facilities
* Yet another ISP trooper hit by motorist
* Statehouse rally roundup
* *** UPDATED x1 - Think Big Illinois responds *** Rate the new Ideas Illinois digital ad opposing the graduated income tax
* *** UPDATED x1 - ILGOP responds *** Rate Think Big Illinois' new TV ad
* SUBSCRIBERS ONLY - Today's edition of Capitol Fax (use all CAPS in password)
* Yesterday's stories

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